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Tree Removal in Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) is preventable

Help keep Cincinnati beautiful and care for your trees at the same time! Trees are a very valuable resource, and when properly maintained the can improve both property and the environment. They provide shade on a hot summer's day, fight global warming by consuming greenhouse gases, and can increase property value when properly serviced and maintained.

Tree Removal in Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) is not always avoidable

However, trees that are NOT properly maintained can be nothing short of TERRIFYING! Unhealthy trees can become property eyesores and when this occurs not only is property value reduced, but the tree becomes a liability and hazard to anything and everything nearby! It is of EXTREME importance that healthy trees are properly cared for and maintained, while dangerous unhealthy trees are removed. At Gorilla Mikes's we are aware that this service can be expensive and stressful, so we do everything in our power to provide our customers high quality tree removal service at the lowest possible price!

Tree Removal in Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) should be performed by a professional

Every year millions of trees are removed for a multitude of reasons ranging from disaster prevention to astetic appeal. Regardless of your reason for tree removal it is important that an arborist is hired to perform the work. Removing a tree can be very dangerous to individuals and property if not performed by an experienced pro. At Gorilla Mike's our head arborist has been doing this work for 23 years and he or the owner will be out on every job. Given this information it is no wonder Gorilla Mike's has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can rest assured that the tree work performed will be done safely and correctly. Gorilla Mike's does not monkey around when it comes to prices - we give our clients top quality workmanship at affordable prices.

While trees will have to be removed from time to time it is never our first choice. We know how important trees are to our landscapes as well as ecosystems and we do everything in our power to prevent complete tree removal. In most cases it is normal for older trees to have some dead in them and typically dead wooding the tree removes any potential hazard and improves the trees health. However, sometimes dead limbs are tell tale signs that a more serious problem exists. There are many reasons a tree may have deadlimbs in it from nutrient deprivation to improper pruning. Today the most common stresses on trees in urban or developed areas are caused by nutrient depleted soil. Most of the time this results from human activities such as raking leaves which prevents vital nutrients from returning to the soil after decomposing. Typically tree health for most city trees can be dramatically improved by use of fertilizer or by altering soil ph increasing nutrient uptake.

Have a tree that is Bugging you? Let us have a look!

We share common pests, insects like the Emerald Ash Borer and Longhorn Asian Beetle. These foreign invaders are terrible for our defenseless native trees.

History of Tree Services in Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

Tree service or tree care has long been an important industry in the Cincinnati area. However, it was not always that way. Before the advent of the chain saw and boom truck, trees were trimmed and taken down with hand saws, axes and hatchets. Tree work was a grueling time consuming task, 1 tree could take weeks if not months to remove. As a result tree work was done for the most part only when nesessary. It became more and more important to develop a more efficient method of trimming and removing trees. Since those days more tools have been developed that make tree care safer and more efficient, but none that have had such a profound effect on the industry as the chainsaw and boom truck.

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